Creating stories as foundations for change: Please join for our next 6heads meetup on 15 October

To tell a good tale requires an understanding of the narrative. Whether this story is for your 5 year old niece or a Chief Exec of a FTSE100 company, being aware and clear on the foundations underpinning a story is important for communication and change.

This interactive and fun workshop will focus on understanding the narratives that we tell ourselves and others about our world. By exploring our narratives we will gain a deeper understanding of how to create powerful stories.  Once we’ve understood more about our own back story, this experiential session will give us the opportunity to generate powerful stories for change.

Please do join us to explore your stories and to meet like-minded sustainability professionals in a relaxed environment.narrative.

Facilitator:  Adam Woodhall is a behaviour change and engagement specialist and over the last 8 years has worked with clients including PwC, Wessex Water, Network Rail, University of Westminster, Warburtons Bakery, First Direct Bank, NG Bailey Construction, East Riding NHS and Parcelforce. His passion is for delivering sustainable change which supports a flourishing society.


The Knights Templar
95 Chancery Lane (Off Carey Street)

Timing: 6.30pm – 8.00pm

RSVP: Please confirm your attendance by emailing  Places are limited.


One response to “Creating stories as foundations for change: Please join for our next 6heads meetup on 15 October

  1. David Vincent, respected mentor and friend of 6heads wrote this email in response to this event. Its great and I thought I’d share:

    “…I like the story telling approach. It goes hand in hand with journeys which people and organisations take, or don’t take depending on a whole bunch of factors, one of the most important of which is the set of human biases (eg status quo bias) researched by Daniel Kahneman. If you haven’t heard about these biases, which subconsciously affect our thinking and decision making, I recommend you get hold of “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. This link takes you to a short article about his work:

    Stories can help capture the hard to quantify, “soft” but often crucial factors and perceptions in relation to technological and societal change. Factors which can make or break societal decisions. Stories can look forward as well as backwards and in the present. I’d be interested in Adam’s views about how past stories influence how we shape today’s story and how our own limitations or visions affect the way we try to shape stories about futures.”

    Thanks David!

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