Exploring Liminal Space – Flying Reflections on Bravery by Felicia Jackson.

I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in Six Heads second experiential exploration on the flying trapeze. The event was intended to help us explore how we address change, both organisationally and personally… it’s the joy that sticks with you. The joy that comes of asking your body to do something that your brain thinks is a bad idea, and it does it anyway.

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The Marine Foundation Living Sculptures in the Sea Program – Apsara: Spirits of the Sea

Apsara, is the most recent sculpture to be created for the Marine Foundation’s Living sculptures in the sea program; an on-going series of permanent underwater art installations which address coral reef degradation and raises awareness of the pressing need to protect the health of the oceans. The interactive sculptures combine innovative theories of coral gardening, artificial reef, fish habitation and coral stabilisation whereby serving two functions; to look stunning and restore damaged marine eco-systems; facilitating eco-tourism and sustainable sources of income for the local communities.

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