Invitation to a workshop with 6heads & Business Declares: Accelerating action towards NetZero

When: Wednesday 8th July – 6.00 – 7.30 PM

Where: Zoom – login details sent on registration

Register here: Tickets are free or if you can; a £5 donation to support Business Declares’ operations

We find ourselves in unprecedented times, with news about health, crisis, inequality and the economy at the forefront of headlines and conversations across the world. As we look at how to move forward and respond, we are also looking at how to continue and accelerate the conversation about climate and regeneration in a meaningful way. We understand that many organisations and individuals are fighting to stay afloat amid these challenging times and are having to make large adjustments to the way that they work.

In the midst of this crisis we are seeing communities come together, businesses reimagine their future, leaders calling on governments to follow regenerative principles for recovery, individuals saying they dont want to return to how things were before and an explosion of campaigns such as #BuildBackBetter and #RacetoZero

How can we harness the circumstances we find ourselves in to mobilise individuals and organisations to take climate action?

At the beginning of the UK lockdown, 6heads came together as a community to explore how we wanted to stay connected and work towards positive action. While this is constantly emerging and evolving; the resounding common themes were for us to keep:

– Hold a space for connection, conversation, creativity and community (we have a weekly wednesday virtual gathering from 7-8pm)
– Share positive stories to inspire and spark action
– Continue a joint inquiry into personal and collective resilience and sensemaking
Learn from businesses leading the way for regeneration, sustainability and climate action as we continue on our journey as curious and committed change makers.

As part of this: 6heads have teamed up with the Business Declares network to design a workshop that will explore how climate plans can be made and adapted in this new context, and will equip participants with tools and knowledge to sensitively approach conversations about the climate in order to create meaningful impact for their organisations, clients and networks.

The workshop will cover

– Communicating climate issues in these unprecedented times
– How an organisation declares a climate emergency and takes action, including
– Inspiration and case studies from speakers in organisations that have done it or are in the process including: Bates Well LLP, JJL UK, Ecotricity and more TBC
– Examples of effective climate action in the time of COVID-19
– A step-by-step guide on how to declare
 -Break out discussions to connect with likeminded individuals and organisations on this journey
 -An exploration into the different mindsets needed to influence change and create positive action using Edward de Bonos 6 hat thinking (also 6heads name sake!)
– Q&A
– Co-creating commitment to an ongoing action to take forward in your sphere of influence to accelerate climate action.

Who can attend:
The workshop is open to all change makers looking at how they can be more effective in accelerating action on the climate emergency, either in their organisation, with clients or through networks. We are all in this together and have much to learn from our shared and individual experiences, challenges and successes!

Please note this workshop is not a debate on whether there is a climate emergency; instead we will focus on climate action in the time of Covid, case studies and practical action.

If you want to read up on science before we recommend these resources ( for more information on the climate and ecological emergency and this IPCC report ( for the climate science.

6heads is a community of curious and committed change makers dedicated to bringing sustainability and innovation to life.
Business Declares is a group of business leaders, who aim to accelerate action on the climate emergency and are working on a voluntary basis.


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