6heads is an experiment in shared learning. It is a collective dedicated to championing innovation towards sustainability. The group was founded in 2011 by 6 MSc students from Imperial College.

6heads have been described as follows:
“Bringing sustainability to life” – Carmel McQuaid, M&S
“Communicating complex issues simply” – Mike Paul, Paul&Mount
“Quirky and intelligent” – John Elkington, Volans
Shaking things up” – Wolfgang Weinmann, Café Direct

6heads inspires transformational change through connection and community. 

_6Heads_AdamScott_0116heads Community  “inspires” change through the blogs on this site and through offering platform and community to run events and campaigns to create awareness, build skills and stimulate action.

We are an ‘open’ community – to get involved, please contact: info@6-heads.com, scan the events page or sign-up to our regular blog http://eepurl.com/GiC4L.

6heads steering committee


trapezeLouisa has been working as a sustainability practitioner for over 3 years specialising in corporate strategy, behaviour change and sustainability reporting & assurance. Currently she is part of the Grant Thornton Sustainability Advisory team. She studied Mathematics & Philosophy at Edinburgh University before training in Brussels to become an IEMA certified CSR practitioner in 2012. This year her focus is on experiential learning to support sustainability leadership and looks forward to exploring this with the 6heads community.



Listener, investigator, interrogator, explorer, collaborator and facilitator, entering a world of positive business for a better future. Ellie is fascinated by how we shift the values, mindsets and behaviours of citizens, consumers, brands and business to create a sustainable future where people and the planet can flourish. This year she joined Forum for the Future’s School of System Change to explore just that. Here she mapped complex narratives in the energy industry to inform industry wide conversation to spark change, and explored the factors and needs that determine the outcomes for children living below the poverty line in North Camden.  She was also a participant in the founding year of UNLEASH LAB 2017, a global innovation lab based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Her craft has been shaped by 5 years in futures, consumer insight, and strategy at The Future Laboratory, leading research internationally with clients across multiple lifestyle sectors to keep them ahead of the innovation curve. She can now be found diving into new territories; with Dignity Platform, poised to change community giving and fundraising in Brighton, and exploring new paths with positive, impactful projects taking a system change approach.


Nicola is curious about how to create positive, commercial solutions to the biggest challenges of our time.  She is an expert in collective learning as a mechanism for change and works with large companies, NGO’s, civil society and entrepreneurs to co-design innovative social and environmental solutions. She runs the Future Academy – learning together into a better future. For Interface she set-up a global innovation programme towards Mission Zero. For Marks & Spencer she helped “bring sustainability to life” for suppliers. For the Carbon Trust she originated a property fund to encourage a shift to a low carbon economy. She has supported social ventures to mainstream low income health insurance, water purification and low carbon agriculture. Nicola is a trustee of the innovative Tsiba University and 64m Artists.  Creates concepts.  Builds businesses.  Makes up stuff.  Including recipes.  Come for dinner. Bring some contentious thoughts.  Especially about sustainability, futures and systems change. www.nicolamillson.com


Louis is a grassroots environmental activist, social entrepreneur and urban designer. He specialises in community development, the circular economy and permaculture, supporting pioneering clients such as RUSS, Arcola Energy and Independent Means. He has been awarded the Santander Universities Community Contribution award, and was a finalist in the Mayor of London/Siemens Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize 2015. He is the Director of several London-based sustainability projects including The Gaia Gallery and Biomodd London, a Managing Trustee of Cob in the Community and a core-member of the 6-Heads and SEADs sustainability networks. He is passionate about creating innovative, fun and engaging spaces to address issues around climate change and communities.


Isabella graduated with a BSc in International Business Administration specialising in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria. While studying she gained practical experience during internships in publishing and event management. In her MSc thesis she focused on the Green Enterprise District in East London, analyzing the organizational networks related to the various low carbon and clean tech initiatives. Isabella is currently working at Lightsource Renewable Energy, the UK’s largest developer, operator and owner of solar PV.


Hannah is passionate about the role that engaging and aspirational communications play in supporting change. She has been delivering award-winning sustainability communications for over a decade, working hand-in-hand with creative teams to produce insight-led solutions that bring the issues that matter most to life. She specialises in reporting, but supports her clients on a variety of needs and challenges, including strategy and purpose, engagement and materiality, storytelling, and signature issue campaigns.



6heads previous members


Diahann studied Economics at Cambridge before pursuing a 12- year career in finance and investment, which included a seven-year spell in Hong Kong. A young family stimulated her growing interest in sustainability and led to her taking the Business & Environment Option of The MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College in 2011. Her interest in exploring sustainability solutions within a resource-constrained world resulted in her collaboration on her thesis with BioRegional, the entrepreneurial charity. This focused on the sustainable regeneration of East London post the 2012 Olympics, using the “One Planet Living”TM framework.

Along with getting the corporate sector to engage in issues of sustainability, she is particularly interested in the creation of a more innovative and sustainable financial system.


Ilana is a co-founder of Snact, an ethical snack brand that makes healthy snacks whilst also tackling the causes of food waste. Before this, Ilana worked for the Food Assembly, an online platform enabling direct trade between communities and local food producers. Prios to this, she worked in alternative finance at ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) and for as a sustainability analyst for an asset manager.


Sonia is a researcher at ICFI in the Sustainability and Climate Change team where she has participated in projects related to energy and environment for the European Commission. Previously, she worked briefly in the financial industry, before returning to study an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London. She is particularly interested in the potential of frugal innovation to deliver sustainable solutions to companies whilst serving consumers at the base of the economic pyramid. She also holds a BSc in Geography with Economics from the London School of Economics

Arpita Raksit

Arpita graduated in 2007 in ‘Politics, Philosophy and Economics’ from Warwick University, after which she joined BNP Paribas working as an Investment and Performance Analyst for 3 years. During this time, she became actively involved in the companies’ CSR committee, managing a number of charity and community partnerships. In July 2010, Arpita joined the Indicorps Fellowship, a one year leadership programme working on grass-roots community development in rural India where she led a women’s empowerment project focused on microfinance, microenterprise and gender equity. While studying the Environmental Technology course, she is keen to identify ways to bridge the gap between environmental sustainability and poverty reduction such as exploring opportunities of moving towards a circular economy.


James has a background in marketing, spanning roles from brand management of Guinness in his native Ireland to strategy and innovation management on the Baileys Global Team. In 2011 James pursued his passion for sustainability through an MSc in Business and the Environment at Imperial College. This allowed him to explore the most effective techniques for brands to engage people around sustainability, such as meaningful purpose, storytelling and aesthetic appeal. He now heads up strategy at brand engagement agency Given London, balancing a strategic, analytical approach with his love of creativity and new ideas.

Beate Sonerud

photo 1 (2)Beate is currently studying for her MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London, after graduating with a first-class BSc in Economics and International Development from the University of Bath in 2013. Her business experience includes a one-year internship in Climate Change Research at HSBC, and part-time work for the low-carbon consultancy firm Xyntéo. She is particularly interested in the circular economy, sustainable finance and behavioural economics. She will combine some of these interests undertaking a fellowship with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on financing the circular economy as her MSc thesis project. Passions beyond changing the world include travelling, running and blogging.


Emma is passionate about forests, food, supply chains and enjoys bringing diverse communities of Emmapeople together to find innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. She has recently made the move from working on Unilever’s sustainability goals to work for the WWF to influence a broader range of companies, particularly on their sourcing strategies. Starting life as a biologist and realising she was not so apt in the lab, she pursued her interest in sustainability and global change and completed the MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London. She followed this up studying for a Doctorate in sustainable systems with the University of Surrey which focused on reducing the environmental impact from food supply chains. She is excited to be part of the learning journey and to have the chance to bring sustainability to life with the 6 heads community!


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