Building rocketships

We all know about the ills that plague our planet.  We’ve heard about climate change, biodiversity loss, greed and inequity.

And we’ve seen the responses to date.  Solutions to some or all of these ills from governments, NGO’s, business and individuals.

These solutions are changing the way we think about products and services.  We know that providing finance to impoverished groups can not only change their future but create profits that withstand external shocks.  When we turn on our lights, chances are we’re getting electricity partly from entirely new sources.  Industries are slowly being destroyed and created around us. Companies we’ve thought of ruthless profit-takers are, together with an upswell of individuals, re-defining what it means to do ‘good business’ and creating unlikely partnerships to execute a broad vision.

We applaud, admire and encourage all of these efforts.

However, we’re also a bit worried.  A look at any metric shows that our efforts are not bearing sufficient results.  Habitats are still being destroyed at an unprecedented rate, species loss is escalating and the vision of a global solution to climate change is evaporating.

It is clear that not enough is being done quickly enough to effect the scale of change required.

This group believes innovation is the way forward.  Big innovation.  Innovation in the true sense of the word.  Innovation that delivers radical change to accelerate a better future for all. We want to stop playing in the shallows and start to build solutions that take us to the moon. Lots of them.  Some that work and some that fail but all that lift our collective aspirations beyond the staus quo.

And we don’t want to stand on the edges.  We want to be deep in the mix, building the rocket, preparing for a moon landing and ultimately working together to create a future that makes sense.

Our vision is a future where innovation is used to deliver products and services to better cover needs of untapped markets, where it is used to transform systems that are driving environmental (and ultimately social) destruction and where our cities are places of united, conscious effort to work together for a better future.  We want to remove barriers to change, to drive new ideas and challenge to status quo.

Mostly we want to test our thinking, share our ideas and get inspired.

This is our blog.


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