Get connected

Two online platforms in their beta versions are setting out to to scale up sustainable solutions through enhanced collaboration.

Earth Tipping Point is a free social network that connects users to get their solutions to environmental problems off the ground. You can start your own project or browse the database or map for an interesting project to join. Ideas are then developed through a collective brainstorming and planning effort, including fund-raising activities to make it happen. Success stories can be shared and awareness for specific environmental problems raised on the network, thereby also acting as en educational medium. Through your activity on the network you can collect points which get you project management and funding support directly by Earth Tipping Point. So it’s a great way to start off a small-scale project and and grow it with the help of others.

MyKindaCrowd is a student-focussed crowd sourcing website co-founded by Emily Cummins who is an award-winning young inventor. Her latest innovation is a sustainable fridge which is “powered” by dirty water but keeps medicines or small food items clean, dry and cool. With MyKindaCrowd she wants to encourage young people to promote their talents by solving real-world problems and creating links with businesses. By taking on a challenge set by companies, students can receive a work-experience placement, shadowing opportunities or other prizes, which will enhance their employability skills and their CV.

The two initiatives are still in their early stages but it’s worth tracking how their network will develop.


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