Update from the London Sustainability Jam

Last weekend around 50 people got together at the Innovation Warehouse to find out about the theme around which we would develop our ideas around sustainability and service design in the following 48 hours. After a video revealed the theme to be “playground”, all of us put down their initial ideas from which the most interesting ones were selected in a “marketplace of ideas” which you can watch here. It might seem to be lacking any sort of order but believe me, there’s a logic to it! Similar scenes happened around the world, from Melbourne to Sao Paolo, all working from the same theme. Groups were formed around the 7 remaining ideas and naturally, each person interpreted it in their own way and so initial discussions served to explore the various dimensions.

Some might argue “playground” is a relatively straightforward concept; however, it was astonishing how diverging the initial ideas were. This diversity was even further enhanced throughout the 12 hour session on Saturday, which was structured by 3 opportunities to pitch the group proposals and discussions with mentors in between.

On Sunday all results were published and archived on the Global Sustainability Jam website under Creative Commons licence, serving as a place to further discuss, give feedback and build on the ideas. One group from Geneva has already developed a website over the last couple of days – have a look at their interesting proposal here.

If you’re exited and want to get jamming yourself, the next chance is at the Global Service Jam, 24-26 February 2012. Follow @GSusJam on Twitter to get updates.


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