The 6heads recommend Breakthrough Capitalism Forum, 29 May

Volans are hosting a Forum in London next week called Breakthrough Capitalism which the 6heads highly recommend, more details can be found below.

Breakthrough Capitalism Forum, 29 May

Join us as we explore, debate and project Breakthrough Capitalism at the Kings Place Conference Centre in London. We will explore themes such as:

  • Capitalism Unplugged – outlining the growing sense that our challenges relate to systemic failures
  • Breakthrough Innovation – how investors, entrepreneurs & policy-makers, among others, are driving change
  • System Dynamics – where barriers to breakthrough exist and how they can be removed, and
  • Scaling Solutions – how breakthrough solutions can deliver system-level change.

The format will take the form of TED-style presentations lasting about 10 minutes each plus shorter talks to spotlight where breakthrough innovation is bubbling, and Q&A sessions.

For more information check out this link

We’ll see you there 🙂


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