Innovation Towards Christmas as Unusual

Last night we celebrated a 6heads Green Christmas at the Innovation Warehouse.

We ate sustainable nibbles kindly prepared by Handsome Andy & Handsome Will.

We drank sustainable wine.

We exchanged gifts in our sustainable secret santa.

We cycled to power our Christmas tree lights.

We discussed the impact of mince pies.

We considered alternative transport to reduce our footprint.

We upcycled old City shirts into funky knickers.

We hacked toys with old decapitated ones.

We were brain-noodled by Mike Tennant from Imperial College, with a bucket of sand and a systems thinking analogy (Read about the Sorites Paradox to understand what he was on about).

We were inspired to give actions rather than gifts by Vanessa King from Action for Happiness.

We’re extremely happy at how the event turned out and would like to thank everyone who made this possible.

Our sponsors: Brook Lyndhurst, Mattinson Partnership, Sony, Amida Recruitment, and the Imperial College Centre for Environmental Policy.

All of those who contributed (full profiles available on the Organisations to Watch page):

The Donation, Café Direct, Rubies in the Rubble, Decarbonice, Oxfam, Action For Happiness, BlaBlaCar, Wonderbag, Mary’s Living and Giving, Tola Mohiki, Exploring Senses, Hodmedod’s, Slavi Georgieva from Imperial College, SewMuchFun, Laura Davis, Adventure Walks for Families , Perspectivity, International Futures Forum, Global Action Plan, Vintage Roots, Josh Elsdon from Imperial College Robotics Society.

The Innovation Warehouse for providing this wonderful venue.

All our volunteers & finally all of you for attending!

We’ll be updating more photos here soon, along with some follow up material from the event such as our top sustainable tips for a sustainable festive season so come back for more & subscribe to get regular updates.

Thanks again,

The Heads


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