Dedicated followers of (sustainable) fashion

In this festive season, whether you’re selecting an outfit to impress at the office Christmas do, something to keep you warm against the December chill, a perfect look for the big day itself, or buying clothes or accessories to give as gifts, fashion will – for most – be a feature of Christmas.

To help steer fashion fans in a more sustainable direction when making their selections and flexing those credit cards, 6heads created a fashion corner at the ‘Innovation for Christmas as UNusual’ event. The corner showcased the best of in-market sustainable fashion bringing together inspirational people, designers, shops, innovations and ideas to create discussion and share best practice.

We were delighted to have some wonderful folk to co-host this area of the event with us:

Tola Mohiki, an upcoming fashion designer with a passion for all things sustainable, displayed a selection of beautiful sustainable and ethical label garments and look books. These included: Lu Flux – a London based label whose designs heavily feature patchwork using recycled fabrics, and S.E.H Kelly – a beautiful knitwear label whose traditional technique influences garments are manufactured in the UK using entirely British wools.

Kristiana, Lily and Jane from Mary’s Living and Giving came to demonstrate what the ultimate charity shop has to offer for festive shoppers ( Inspired by the acclaimed TV show ‘Mary Queen of Charity Shops, the Living & Giving shops are a local community and charity concept that Mary Porter developed for Save the Children to make charity shop concept work harder and entice a whole new breed of charity shop goers.

The 6heads also compiled a list of top sustainable festive fashion tips to aid dedicated followers of festive fashion. This list was voted on and added to by the attendees on November 28th. We hope it inspires and would love to hear your thoughts or additions: 



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