Tasting the Future – Fields for Transformation Event Series

‘Leadership has focused primarily on getting things done…by focusing…on the intellectual and pragmatic aspects of our work, we forget that a movement can only be successful when people have genuine relationships in which they feel valued and empowered’ (Zimmerman et al. (2010) Movement Strategy Centre)

The Tasting the Future team has been working together for three years. Our biggest area of learning has been about the need to shift not only what we do but how we do it. 
Our workshop series has been designed to share what we have learned during these years and we invite you to contribute your experience to the field.
The Tasting the Future core team would like to invite you to a three month enquiry to explore Fields for Transformation. Our question for this series of workshops is:  What shifts in our own work practices and relationships will better support the movement towards a sustainable food system?

This active enquiry will consist of 3 full-day workshops held in London in March, April and May 2013.  The workshops are a connected series and the cost of attending all three workshops is £100.  The workshop outcomes will also feed into the Tasting the Future assembly to be held on the 20th May.

The three workshops are: 
  1. Fields for Transformation – at the level of movement building, societal and personal transformation, what can we learn from Field Theory, as put forward by biologist Rupert Sheldrake?  How can we apply this thinking to our work and personal practice? The workshop will be led by Linda Mitchell and Sarah Whiteley
  2. Skills for Transformation – what skills do we need to practice that will help to build relationships and put into practice the change we wish to see?  What creative skills and practices can strengthen our work together?  This workshop will be led by Niamh Carey,Alison FreemanDraeyk van der Horn and Liane Fredericks.
  3. Mindfulness for Transformation – how can we sustain our involvement in this work? How can we develop a new approach to leadership through our own personal practice? Inspired by the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and others, we will explore how an approach of personal awareness and mindfulness can positively strengthen our relationships with others. This workshop will be led by Rachel Lilley.

You can signup here: http://fieldsfortransformation.eventbrite.co.uk/


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