A 2nd challenge and an invitation – Can you beat the peak?

A challenge:


Nesta is currently looking for smart data solutions to give the UK better management of peak electricity demand*.  This is in the form of a challenge, with a prize (£50 000), expert support and exposure for winners.

An invitation:

There are a few ways to get involved –

If anyone needs further information or would like to put forward an innovator, introduce an innovator or get involved, please feel free to contact me on nicola.millson@6-heads.com

And more information:

*The challenge is all around dynamic demand / demand side response.  They want to find a new product, technology or service that utilises data to significantly improve the ability of households or small businesses to demonstrate measurable reduction in carbon emissions by shifting energy demand to off–peak times or towards excess renewable generation. It focuses on households and small businesses with daily electricity usages of up to 50 kWh. Expected outcomes are:

  • demonstrable shift in peak usage to off–peak times.
  • Measureable reduct
    ion in Co2 emissions.
  • responsiveness to dynamics of supply of renewable energy.

Have a look at http://dynamicdemand.nesta.org.uk/Dynamic-Demand-Challenge.pdf


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