Learn and let go: exploring change through trapeze

Magical, transformative evening last night exploring our own reactions to *liminal space – the space between.

A chance to examine the rationality of our individual and organisational fear when it comes to embracing the unknown – and to use these lessons in our personal and professional lives to build resilience to change.

An exhilarating kinaesthetic experience of letting go, stepping into nothingness and hoping to find our way safely down.

Magical evening with inspirational changemakers.

Scary, inspiring and thought-provoking.

This was a pilot – we would love you to join next time.

More to follow.


Ian Cori Connor (2) Second hand scary First lesson Watching

*Liminal space is defined as the space between – and it is through this space we must navigate if we are to achieve any kind of change – whether it is our own behaviour, society, business strategy or, for many of us our impact, on the environment .  In short we must let go of something familiar to take up something new and the transition is often through unchartered territory.


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