Growing up this weekend

It may be March but that doesn’t mean we are all out of inspiration here at 6-heads. Here is a personal favourite to brighten up your weekend.

Now “Grow up” are two words I rarely put together but with the sudden realisation that come Monday we shall be a quarter of the way through the year I am going to make a special exception.

… And besides, I don’t mean it that way.

Today I am inspired by GrowUp and their use of aquaponics in growing local, sustainable fish and salads.

A GrowUp Box is a small-scale agricultural production unit built from an up-cycled shipping container with a greenhouse on top and a highly productive demonstration of aquaponic urban farming. The space is also used for events and community engagement projects. It was built in 2013 with the help of 300 supporters and a successful kickstarter campaign.

Take a virtual tour and learn more in the video below:

Almost equally inspiring are the founders of GrowUp. Only a year ago Kate Hofman and Tom Webster were frustrated with office life and tired of businesses which didn’t take their environmental commitments seriously – now at GrowUp innovation and sustainability are at the core of everything they do.

Inspired? (How) Will you GROW UP this year? What do you want your story be in 2015?



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