The circular economy in a nutshell


Back in April, 6heads and friends got together to noodle the circular economy. Well, to be more accurate, we set out to visualise it. Inspired by the growth in use of infographics and film in today’s sustainability communications as a way of making complicated issues and processes more digestible; we set out to use only visual channels to explain a simplified and more engaging vision of the circular economy.

An hour, many doodles, packets of play dough and artistic differences later; we had all had a brilliant mind workout and lots of fun, but were no closer to creating a stand-alone visual.

Luckily for us, a group of secondary school children from Archbishop Holgate’s School in York, who have just been named the winners of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s nationwide schools competition, have done a wonderful job of explaining the framework using a video camera, a good, clear script and some lego. This fun and engaging way of communicating a complicated concept is well worth a watch:


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