You are invited to a whole week of fun at The Hospital Club’s Sustainability Week : 22nd – 28th November

Dear Friends, Members and Sustainability Wizards in our 6-heads community,

You are all invited to be part of a 7 day sustainability journey at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden. In their second annual Sustainability Week the Hospital Club have an exciting lineup of urban foraging, citizenship dinners, eco films every night, secret dance performances, philosophy for children, poetry, musical cabaret, mad hatters breakfasts and lots more. Bring your friends, bring your children and join the debate on #planettalk.

If you would like to hear more about my time in Bali with the Marine Foundation I will be giving a breakfast talk with Founder and Artist Celia Gregory on using creativity and stunning visuals as a catalyst for marine conservation with a first UK preview Apsara: Spirits of the Sea . An exhibition of photography from the making and sinking of Apsara will be displayed in the Gallery until 6pm.

Here is a sneak preview of what we were up to and hope to see you all there


6-heads is a platform that we would love you to be part of. If you have a project you would like to share with our community, an event you would like to host (we can support you to run one) or an idea you would you can’t wait to blog about then definitely want to hear from you. Please email me at for more information.

SUSTAINABILITY WEEK 2014: 22nd – 28th Nov

The Hospital Club : 24, Endell Street, London, WC2H 9EQ
All events listed below can be booked by emailing or through the website Events are free of charge with the exception of Foraging and the Monday Supper Club.
The Hospital Club was launched to connect people and foster an exchange of ideas, and now we’re building on that mission by leveraging our network and venue to promote sustainable practices across the creative industries. Through efforts like Sustainability Week, the club is bringing community members together to discuss and share how we can be responsible global citizens and make the world a better place.
Hospital Club Owner Paul Allen


Join THE DEBATE on social media: #PLANETTALK

In celebration of Sustainability Week, EMG (founded by designer and artist Alex Noble) is proud to show their recent collaboration with SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association) and supported by Monsoon.
For a chance to win your very own handmade butterfly, tweet a photo of the Hospital Club window @TheHospitalClub using the hashtag # dontletbeautygotowaste to enter and show your support.
From 11.30am: ‘The I Wonder’ Workshop!
CALLING ALL KIDS.  For 5 – 11 years old
Grown ups need your help! They haven’t got a clue. They desperately need your brain power to help explore some really really earth shatteringly important questions, like “What kind of world do you want to live in and why?” Flex your thinking muscles in a fun 90 minute workshop crammed full of stories, acting, snacking and generally jumping about.
What is our city’s relationship with its food supply? Why do we waste so much and what should we be doing with it? If push came to shove, what could our city provide and how would we integrate production into our daily lives? Join us for a day’s field trip examining London’s current and future relationship with its food supply.
6.30pm: Preparing our children for a sustainable future. 
Felicia Jackson and Craig Hill will introduce Cath’s talk with some of words of wisdom from the children who attended Saturday’s ‘I Wonder Workshop’, where they explored some really earth shatteringly important questions, like “What kind of world do you want to live in and why?” “What do you love best about the world now?”.
7.45pm: Foraged Supperclub
We have spent a whole day foraging in London’s parks on Sunday and head chef Duncan has created some edible delights using our foraged harvest.  Join us for this supperclub debate which will be animated by Jo Daniels (M&S), Matthew Robinson (HSBC), Jonathan Wise (Vision Bristol), Fanny Calder (The Future).
Join us in the Gallery where Celia Gregory, founder of The Marine Foundation, and Louisa Harris, Apsara Sea
Nymph will be previewing Apsara: Spirits of the Sea and giving a talk on using creativity and stunning visuals as a catalyst for marine conservation. An exhibition of photography from the making and sinking of Apsara will be displayed in the Gallery until 6pm.
7pm: Disruption!
Moderator: Brett Scott (Author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money)
Panellists: Christian Busch (LSE), Julia Groves (CEO, The Trillion Fund and Green Entrepreneur of the Year), Paul Simon (CIO of Lord Fink’s family office) and Josh Ryan-Collins (The Brixton Pound).
9am: The Future Of Work
Join Claudie Plen and Vicky Grinnell Wright from HumanSmart for this interactive exploration into the ‘Future of Work’ . We will examine ways to create a more humansmart workplace for yourself and your employees, look at a few global trends around the Future of Work and think about how they might work in reality (and in your business).
7pm: The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold
Film maker and journalist Leah Borromeo is uncovering the dirty secrets of the cotton supply chain in India, and asking “When you bag a fashion bargain, who pays for it?”
This session is being produced by the Royal Television Society as part of Sustainability week.
9am: Redesigning the Consumption Model
Havas Media RE:PURPOSE founder Sharon Johnson, will discuss the paradigm shift in taking the balance of power away from brands and institutions to a people-centred #Newpower.
7pm: Special Green & Black’s Organic Pairing
Enjoy an evening with Green and Black’s, where Taste Specialist Brandt Maybury will take you on a journey of discovery.
7pm: Can Design Change the World?
Panellists: Katharine Hamnett (Fashion Designer), Dilys Williams (Designer), Jason Bruges (Designer), Alex Nobel (Fashion Designer) and Sharon Johnson, Havas.
9am: Mad Hatters Breakfast: Sustainability Through the Looking Glass. How we can keep it real when everything threatens to descend to madness
Laura Haynes (Appetite), Louisa Harris (6Heads) and Adam Woodhall
8pm: Action Through Performance
An evening of performance with poetry, narration, comedy, dance and music to inspire Action through a journey of shared experiences! With a secret guest dancer, poetry from Pele Cox and musical cabaret from Desmond O’Connor and Clive Selwyn, spoken word from Assumpta and pianist Oscar Rodriguez before drinks and dancing

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