I’m only Human – Guest Blog by Steph Godderidge

Guest blog by our friend Steph Godderidge who is continuing with this week’s emerging theme; madness.

I’m only Human


Sometimes I feel like the world’s gone mad. The HSBC tax scandal. Fracking. Charlie Hebdo. TTIP. Climate denial. Monsanto. Raif Badawi. Anti-abortion laws. Big things, small things.

Sign the petition. Write to your MP. Donate to the cause. Join the Party. March. March. March and protest: not in my name!

I struggle to make sense of the world. Why is money more important than people? Why do the people who are supposed to represent our interests more often than not don’t? What would I tell my daughter, if I had one, that would make sense to her?

The world is flawed. I know. I know. I know, and I care. And I don’t bank with HSBC and I signed against fracking and I signed against TTIP and I signed against Monsanto and I signed for Raif and I signed for the bees. And as I write my name and postcode I wonder about those FBI databases, somewhere. And about Russian bombers flying over the Channel and about forest fires around Tchernobyl and about methane bubbles.

And I remember to smile at the homeless woman sitting on the corner by the tube station, even if I don’t buy her Big Issue. And I shop organic and I take my vitamins and I plank every day.

And I get into my car and I book flights and upgrade my iPhone. And I order my groceries from Tesco and buy books on Amazon.

And I write about climate change and blog about freedom of speech and tweet about social justice, and I read George Orwell and I wonder what he would think of the world today…

And then I remember that Starbucks does free wifi and there’s always cute pictures of fluffy kittens on Facebook and then, suddenly, things don’t look so bleak anymore.

Steph Godderidge

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