#WEAREBRILLIANT – In praise of people


Thank you to our brilliant friend Jo Hunter for getting us involved with her #wearebrilliant campaign in praise of people and inspired by International Women’s day this weekend.

To everyone in our network who is brilliant at telling others how wonderful they are but not so brilliant at letting others know how brilliant you are then this is the campaign for you. And to the men in our network, we mean you too!

So while you are enjoying the sunshine this afternoon, or at some point over the weekend take a moment to appreciate how brilliant you are. Better still take a picture and tweet @6_heads #wearebrilliant.

We know you are.

In Praise of People – By (the brilliant) Jo Hunter



It’s International Women’s Day this weekend and I have been thinking a lot this week about women. And being brilliant. I have seen so many amazing women around me, just in the last couple of weeks, doubting themselves, worrying about putting themselves forward, or even when feeling confident, worrying about feeling arrogant or pushy. So I sent a little email to some friends, telling them that I thought they were brilliant. That I thought all women were. That I think all men are too really, but sometimes I think women need to support each other better to shout it from the rooftops.

We shouldn’t feel afraid to be brilliant. We shouldn’t dim our lights in order to make people feel better. We should be proud that we are doing brilliant stuff. We don’t have to be perfect. We never will be. But we will always be brilliant. Even when we feel like shit. Even when everything feels difficult. Even when we are struggling. We have to remember that we are brilliant. And that it is ok to say it about ourselves.

So I took a photo of myself saying I was brilliant. And I asked my friends to do it too. And then the brilliant 6 Heads network just got straight on it and Stephanie got lots of the women in her office to do it. So I am posting about it. And over this International Women’s Day weekend you can do it too if you want to. You can take a picture. Or you can just tell someone you’re brilliant. I know, it’s not very British. But hey, why not just give it a go.

Please tweet your pictures @6_heads  #wearebrilliant

Because you’re brilliant. I know you are.



















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