Be an Ocean Hero this Earth Hour, 6 Heads challenge you to share a #fishface selfie


Be an ocean hero, share a #fishface selfie

Ahead of Earth Hour, we challenge YOU to share your #fishface and show you care about protecting our amazing oceans! Here’s how you can get involved:

EmmakellerfishfaceEmma and her beautiful #fishface

  1. CARPe diem! Take a fish face selfie!
  2. Challenge a friend to do their own #fishface selfie
  3. Show us you’ve got SOLE and tweet or share your selfie on Instagram @6_heads using #fishface to support healthy oceans and sustainable fishing this #EarthHourUK. You also automatically are entered into a competition to win one of three mini ipads
  4. Search #fishface and all the BRILLiant pictures up there
  5. Visit the Marine Stewardship Council website to learn more about sustainable fishing

hannahfishfaceOur very own Hannah wins the creative #Fishface prize!

UK – WWF UK has teamed up with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for Earth Hour to challenge people in the UK to support sustainable fishing and healthy oceans by sharing their #fishface on social media. By posting a #fishface photo in the run up to Earth Hour 2015, thousands of fish-faced ‘Ocean Heroes’ will help to raise awareness of sustainable fishing and spell out their support.

George Clark from the MSC, said: “We know that British consumers want sustainable fish in supermarkets and restaurants and last year the British public bought over £350 million of MSC labelled fish. #fishface is a fun way for each of us to show our support for sustainable fishing and build the demand for MSC labelled sustainable seafood.”

To launch the campaign, students in over 30 MSC certified universities will be championing #fishface. A sustainable fish and chip van will also be visiting select campuses to inspire students to suck in their cheeks and share their trout pout.

The campaign peaks on Earth Hour on 28th March at 8:30pm and Ocean Heroes are being encouraged to celebrate by choosing MSC labelled fish and enjoying a candlelit dinner. Earth Hour is the world’s biggest celebration for our planet with hundreds of millions of people in 162 countries switching off their lights for one hour in a spectacular and symbolic display of support. It’s a chance to take action to protect our planet – not just for one hour, but every day.

If you would like to spend Earth Hour with the 6Heads gang then come join us for a candlelit dinner we are co-hosting with Fairly Square (London’s first Fairtrade Bar). You will even get to meet the glamorous #fishface models in this blog! More information and registration details here.

The power of sustainable choices

By making sustainable seafood choices when shopping or dining out, we can all contribute to the health of the oceans. By sharing a #fishface and choosing MSC labelled fish, shoppers are helping to improve fish stocks, reduce discards and start new research projects that minimise the impacts of fishing.

Earth Hour ambassador and #fishface supporter, chef Tom Aikens said: “It’s vitally important that as individuals we make sustainable seafood choices. #fishface is a fun way to raise awareness of how something as simple as choosing MSC can make a difference and fit into the bigger picture of healthy oceans. Earth Hour is a great reminder to us all to do our bit to protect the planet every day.”

For more information on Sustainable fishing choice please visit: Marine Stewardship Council – home — MSC

For recipes using sustainable fish: Sustainable fish recipes — MSC

For more information on how to get involved visit:

  6-heads is a platform that we would love you to be part of. If you have a project you would like to share with our community, an event you would like to host (we can support you to run one) or an idea you would you can’t wait to blog about then definitely want to hear from you. 



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