Start a fashion revolution with us this Saturday at the Clotho London Fashion Hackathon

In January Hackathon was a relatively new word to the 6Heads gang, so in April we decided to get involved with two to find out what it was all about! It is possible that between votehack and fashionhack we are yet to experience a more traditional hackathon but then again we are happiest in the land of all things unusual and new.

This Saturday is Fashion Revolution Day to commemorate the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh. To coincide with this Clotho are going to be running a  Fashion Hackathon where you can create your dream outfit from a sea of garments not quite perfect enough to be re-sold that would otherwise end up going to landfill. What’s more a team of designers are on standby to help you do it.

Tickets are free, register here:

We think this event is going to be absolutely fantastic, please come join us and bring your friends too.

Clotho London Fashion Hackathon

Clotho is proud to present a brand new, fresh and original event… London’s first ever clothes hackathon.


Clotho is a sustainable fashion business that launched in London last October which allows young women to exchange their clothes in a hassle free way. They collect your unwanted clothes from your door-step. In return you get credit to spend in the online shop. All of the items received are sorted through and good quality items are listed in the online shop. You can use your credit to buy other items from the exchange, which are delivered back to your door. Making your shopping more sustainable, affordable – and fun.

Clotho have been overwhelmed by the amount of love for this idea so far and have rescued thousands of unworn items from the depths of Londoner’s wardrobes already and re-homed many beautiful pieces to loving new homes.


However they also have a growing mountain of clothes that they have not been able to list online. Dresses with little rips, jackets with missing buttons, and tops with unravelling hems. In line with their sustainable mission, they are hosting a hackathon to  turn these old items into something new and beautiful. Thousands of tons of clothes go to landfill every year and that’s not cool.

The solution is to set up a sustainable sewing factory for one day only at Google Campus. The event will bring getting a room full of artists, designers and creatives to turn these unwanted clothes into new pieces that are special and unique.

“We believe that we can enjoy beautiful fashion without trashing the planet. We are starting a fashion revolution. We’d love for you to join us.” – Clotho



Tickets are free and available via Eventbrite here:

See you there,

The Heads

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