Ever wondered what would happen if we created a computer with a living eco-system inside it?

Biomod London Workshop – Summer 2015


Ever wondered what would happen if we created a computer with a living eco-system inside it??!

This question led to the start of Biomodd in 2007 and since this project has spread as an open source community arts project in countries all over the world. This summer Biomodd London is giving 50 people the opportunity to come and work first hand with the founder – Angelo Vermeulen himself and create a new Biomodd install in London.

Angelo – a Senior TED fellow – comes fresh from his work with HI-SEAS, a NASA funded Mars simulation exploring food-growing in space. Together with with Diego Maranan, researcher and co-lead of Biomodd Philippines, and the Biomodd London team he will host this incredible one off opportunity.

Biomodd London are running the workshop over the course of 3 days this July at a cost of  £50 for the three days and are now taking expressions of interest via the email below and eventbrite.

Email: biomoddlondon@gmail.com

Register on eventbrite

Biomodd London is a not-for-profit organisation and the money raised will be used to help set up the Biomodd London Labs which will further exploration into the core Biomodd themes and expand them to include the needs of a growing Biomodd community.

So what is Biomodd?

Biomodd is a global series of art installations in which computer technology and ecology converge. Computer networks built from up-cycled computer components are provided with living internal ecosystems. In a symbiotic exchange, plants and algae live alongside electronics and use the technology’s waste heat to thrive. Sensors and robotics provide additional interaction possibilities with the organisms. The first version of the project was completed in the US in 2007, while the second version was built in the Philippines. Since then more than ten iterations manifested around the world, from New York, London to Maribor in Slovenia. Biomodd London began with an experiment on plant intelligence communication and sentience which was presented at Tedx London: City 2.0 in December 2013. This July Biomodd will rescue scrap computers and re-build them incorporating plants and algae to co-create a functioning hybrid computer. Plants will be growing in and around the electronics with algae used as a living cooling liquid.

How can I join in?

The workshop will be run over a three day period (27-29 July) at the pioneering hacking/makerspace – Create Space, London. Places are limited to 50 participants, and will cost £50 for the 3 days. Biomodd is looking to engage a multi-disciplinary participating audience so if you have any of the following interests please get involved!

  • -futuristic design
    – biomimicry
    – hacking
    – case-modding
    – making
    – plants and algae
  • – re-imagining our relationship to e-waste
  • – biology-technology integration
  • – permaculture
  • – creating closed loop systems
  • – mobilising a community to co-create and explore through play

For more information please email: biomoddlondon@gmail.com


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