What could your money do today?… Support the Great Clean #EnergyDash

The race is on

A surprise government cut is threatening these amazing green energy projects. If they can get fully funded by the end of November, they’re safe.

Can you help them to beat the clock?energydash1

All over the UK, volunteers are working to build locally owned wind, sun and water power. Normally this takes months, but a cut means they’ve got just weeks to raise the funds they need.

Together, we can help them hit their targets in time. You can donate to a project from just £5, and we’ll combine everyone’s donations to make an investment.

If you’ve got more cash to spare, you can invest in a project directly. Most have a minimum investment of £250, but some go as low as £50. Remember: as with all investments, your capital is at risk.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of buying lots of Christmas presents for the people we loved we invested in a more sustainable future on their behalf?

What you need to know

The Clean Energy Dash is a campaign to help fund as many local energy projects as possible, before they’re derailed by incoming government cuts.


1. The Situation

2. The campaign

3. Donating

4. Investing


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