On the 1st day of COPmas… #12Cop21

Thank you so much to Eco Action Games for sharing their brilliant Copmas campaign with us. We love it and will be sharing their blogs through the 12 days of Copmas running from November 30th to December 11th.


Day 1: A resilient & healthy planet

Cop day 1


The future of our planet is at stake, and COP21 is the meeting, taking place over the next 12 days, where the issues and potential solutions are to be debated and decisions made. Around 150 Heads of State, from countries both developed and developing, are congregating in Paris to find a route to action to ensure average global temperatures don’t rise by more than 2°C by the end of 21st century.

We are currently playing a dangerous game with our climate, a rise in temperature over 2 degrees takes us into unchartered territory. We must avoid such a situation. What we need to achieve in these 12 days is an ambitious, binding agreement that all governments will sign up to. An agreement that limits greenhouse gas emissions to levels that will curb the rise in temperature. An agreement that marks the start of the journey from a fossil fuelled global economy to a low-carbon fuelled equivalent. However, it isn’t all down to governments to deliver, we can all play our part to help make COP21 a success and to ensure the future of the planet.

What action can we take?

So how can we all in our roles as citizens, community members, employees and business owners, make a difference to the outcomes of COP21?

Citizens: every person on this planet has a role to play in helping to ensure COP21 is a success. Get involved, tweet about it, learn more about what it is trying to achieve, talk about it with friends & family, email and tweet your government’s representatives to ensure they’re aware of the importance of what’s happening over the next 12 days

Civil Society: communities everywhere can rise to the challenge. Spread awareness of what’s at stake, give your Christmas events, fayres and other community-led activities a COP21 related theme. Put the idea of resilience at the heart of your community’s plans and make your collective voices heard.

Corporates:  from blue chip multinationals, through to micro SME and start-ups, have a huge role to play in the next 12 days. Many 1000s of businesses will be represented at the event, lending support to the proceedings, but even if your company is not present there is still a huge amount you can do in terms of raising awareness within your business about how important the next 12 days will be. A start could be spreading the message about our 12 days of COPmas campaign, daily bite-sized chunks of information and positive actions about the key issues at stake at COP21.

Welcome to the 12 days of COPmas


Thank you again to Eco Action Games

Follow the COPmas campaign with #12Cop21, @ecoactiongames & @6_heads



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