Join us on the Thrivable World Quest on the Island of Sustainability and Organisational Evolution

Let’s explore how organisations can evolve in a thrivable way!


Step onto the gangplank

Join us on a global learning adventure – a Quest to transform organisations and help life on the planet to thrive. Here’s what’s involved:

On Tuesday February 2nd 6Heads will be joining cities around the world in the Thrivable World Quest.

The Quest will run from 6.30 – 9.30pm . Venue to be confirmed but will be an easy to get to central London location.

Please register here or email Louisa.harris@6-heads for more information

The Thrivable World Quest is a global quest to chart how organizations must be so people and the planet can thrive. It mixes delightful, engaging in-person events and a kick-ass information platform which allows us to share the ‘booty’ across cities and with the world.

The quest seeks to document, elaborate and accelerate the wave of “positive mutation” that is already transforming how we conceive of organizations and how work is done,  so that our collective actions more consistently create the conditions essential for life to thrive at every level.

 February the 2nd is the next island in our Thrivable World Quest – the Island of Sustainability and Organisational Evolution.

On this “Island”, we are invited to re-imagine organisations as intentional spaces to help the planet and people to thrive – and image how these organisations might evolve to adapt to their environment – internal and external – in an alive way.

On our voyage, we have already travelled to the islands of Heroic Cause, Contribution, Meaning, Mastery, Structure, Systems, Connection and Membership & Belonging. Join us for this exploration. See more details here:

We will be brainstorming alongside courageous and curious explorers in Berlin, Johannesburg and Ljubljana.

The London chapter’s Captain is  Louisa Harris joined by 6Heads crew Emma Keller and Kevin Mascarenhas.

Participating cities in the quest include

Through stories, collaboratively generated insights, videos, articles, images, and ultimately a collectively authored book, we are sharing with the world what we discover together during the series, offering examples, best principles, inspiring speakers, applied improvisation collaboration & ideation techniques, encouragement, and a growing global tribe. The quest will culminate in a manifesto for how the organizations must be if life is to thrive.

Join the Quest… Help us spread the word




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