This Earth Hour join 6Heads for a riverside walk at dusk and a candlelight dinner party

We are getting excited about Earth Hour…

Last year the 6heads community got together to switch off for Earth Hour over a candle-lit dinner. It was so much fun that we have decided to do it again this year – and we would love you to join us!

Read about our candlelit lights off at last year’s Earth Hour at Fairly Square

We are starting the evening with a sun-set riverside walk before sitting down to a delicious candlelit vegetarian feast.

Our three course meal will be full of seasonal delights and responsibly sourced treasures prepared by the fantastic team at Sonny’s Kitchen in Barnes.

We will meet at 6.30 outside Leon in Hammersmith Broadway on Saturday 19th March

For more details and to book your ticket please click here or email me at Louisa @

6Heads is a collective dedicated to collaboration, innovation and sustainability. This year we have some dynamic new catalysts in our community and we are exploring how we can work together in 2016. We are exploring some big ideas with a focus on food, bio-mimicry and innovation and would love for you to be involved in the conversation. So please come for a delicious dinner, to meet some like minded curious and committed change makers and ready to share ideas for how we might collaborate.


What is Earth Hour?

It started in 2007 as a lights-off event to raise awareness about climate change. It has now grown to engage and inspire over 162 countries and territories worldwide to switch off and show their support for the protection of our Earth. We want all of you to join in with Earth Hour!

At 8.30pm on Saturday the 19th March the world should go dark for WWF’s Earth Hour. In this hour, hundreds of millions of people switch off their lights for one hour to show they care about our planet. It’s not, as many people may think, an energy saving ploy (though a whole load of energy is saved, calculations pending)! It is about people from across the globe coming together to create a symbolic and spectacular lights out display and asking for change! More importantly it’s about thinking beyond the hour and what we can pledge to do differently.

Sign up at to put yourself on the Earth Hour map. This morning there are already over 8000 people signed up in the UK.

Starting in Samoa, a Mexican wave of darkness will spread across the globe before ending in Tahiti. Even many of the world’s iconic landmarks switched off including the Sydney Opera House, The Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Times Square and even the International Space Station! Although not as iconic, we will all be switching our lights off this year and would urge you to also.

Lights Out For Earth Hour 2012 in London


6heads is an experiment in shared learning. It is a collective dedicated to championing innovation towards sustainability. It has evolved into a community of brilliant minds who come together to share ideas, experiment, co-create and most importantly to have fun. We are a platform for collaboration, please email if you would like to join us.




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