Join us for Edible Forest Gardening at the London Permaculture Festival July 2016

Edible Garden Talk @: 3.50 – 4.40, Sunday 31 July, Cecil House, 2 Regents Park Road, NW1 7AY

Full days timetable available here

Last Autumn at 6-heads we looked permaculture to think about how we ran our community and how we could better design for the future as individuals and in the ecosystems which we operate.

Permaculture is a whole new way of seeing the world. We look at problems and see how we can re-imagine them as solutions. It follows three strong, simple ethics:

People Care, Earth Care and Fair Shares.

Permaculture is a design process by which we adapt as human beings to the Earth, rather than trying to adapt the Earth to us. Using simple tools and techniques, we apply the wisdom and success of nature to create abundance and resilience in our lives and businesses.

At 6-heads we are continuing to learn from these principles and explore on our permaculture journey with our community.

So we are thrilled that next Sunday is the London Permaculture Festival and in particular we are looking forward to a talk by  Kevin Mascarenhas, Natural Flow on: “Forest Gardening; designing an edible landscape.” Kevin is  one of the brilliant people we met through our permaculture course and has since become an active community member.  Kevin is an experienced global systems designer and teacher of permaculture. He is an integrated design thinker who connects with dynamic forces that want to share in the new story of what a healthy and abundant society can look like

“An economy that’s aligned with permaculture would be an economy in which the best business decision is the same as the best ecological decision.” – Charles Eisenstein, Inhabit, 2015

Want to create abundance in your own back garden or community growing space?

Forest garden design packs useful species into a small area to create an intensive and highly productive system. Learn how by design, a tree system can provide a diverse range of foods, requiring little maintenance and with few offsite inputs.


Come and join us for London’s one and only……………….

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 04.33.26

It’s the fourth time, Natural Flow has been invited back to the festival to make a presentation.

For 2016, in this 45 minute presentation we will cover:

  • how a forest garden works
  • design elements of a forest garden
  • useful permaculture design principles
  • maintaining and building soil fertility

Look forward to meeting you. Here’s how to get to Cecil House. Stay tuned for more updates at

Presenting at the 2014 London Permaculture Festival

Presenting at the 2014 London Permaculture Festival


6 Heads is a community  we would like you to be part of, we are dedicated to shared learning at the join of sustainability and innovation, we are curious and experimental. On the last Wednesday of every month we bring together brilliant and curious minds to brainstorm on what we could do together, plan events, blogs, campaigns and whatever our curiosity may come up with. If you would like to join our next meeting (or ones to come) on the 27th July please email Louisa at


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