Guest blog by eco action games, the great (dump) trump Christmas Giveaway

We love ecoaction games, and we love having a laugh. So… we love this blog by our friend Dr Paula Owen, founder of eco action games.

The great eco action (dump) trump Christmas giveaway bonanza

Hi folks, well it’s that season again, when it’s goodwill to all men (well maybe with a few exceptions) & women. And our goodwill gesture for this festive season is (drum roll please…………) a big, fat, eco action trump game giveaway! 

We’ve been feeling a bit down and glum lately, yes even us cheery souls here at eco action fun HQ. We felt the need to do something, anything, to make us feel empowered and cheerful again. To inject some positivity and happiness back into our lives, but what could we possibly do in these dark, scary times?

So, here’s the thing,  we’ve been working in schools lots lately, and what has struck us, especially since the US election, is the acute awareness children have of that infamous name du jour, one Donald J. Trump. So much so that it is proving nigh on impossible to effectively teach them the eco messages within our beloved eco action trumps game, as they now think it has everything to do with the President elect himself – a homage to The Donald, and nothing to do with the environment!  You can imagine how that makes us feel?!

Now, this distressing state of affairs has actually had an unexpected upside, as it gave us the brainwave and inspiration we needed to galvanise action – ‘the US might be stuck with Trump for the next 4 years, but we don’t have to be!’ 

So, we are going to dump trump on his official inauguration day 20th January 2017. From that day on it’s RIP eco action trumps, and hello eco action toppers. After all, the game is all about finding the top eco savings for the actions featured on the cards, so it works just as well as a brand name, and without the toxic associations. Result!

But this left us with an eco dilemma – what on earth to do with our existing stock of the game? We couldn’t literally dump it, that would be totally against our core values. So, instead, we thought we’d give them away, yep that’s right, we are going to give everyone who applies (as long as the trumping stocks last) one free pack of our pocket sized card game – you just have to cover P&P.

You never know, these might become a rare, valuable even, collector’s item in the future – when 2016 is a distant memory and the world has regained its sanity again.

So, if you fancy a freebie, simply click HERE to get your hands on an early Christmas present courtesy of us. Don’t hang around though, as once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

However, a little worryingly for us, apparently the man himself has gotten wind of our plan, we have maanged to get a leaked early draft of it, click HERE to view his video reponse to us ‘dumping trump’. He’s not happy, not happy at all, we hope he doesn’t get his lawyers involved!! If you like it please share using hashtag: #TheTrumpDump

Stop press

The media has really got behind our little plan. On the 29 November when we went public with the story,  the BBC News online ran the story, read it here and it remained the 5th Most Read article on the site – which amused us no end.

The story was  featured on the BBC radio news, on Radio 2 here (1 hr 2 mins 4 secs in) and Radio 6Music here (1 hr 32 mins 20 secs in)

And even the big boys of the playground, Top Trumps, felt obliged to put out statements on Twitter to say that no, they were not changing their brand name! Incredible!
And one last thing, if you fancy a pack or two of our giant trump cards, we are doing a 2-4-1 deal. So for £75 you will get 2 packs of our A4 sized card game. If you want to take advantage of this offer, simply reply to this newsletter and let us know which themes you’d like. There is limited stock available in the giant size so you’d better be quick about it!

Festive felicitations everyone – let’s keep our collective chins up and party like there’s no tomorrow – hmm scratch that last bit – party like there is a tomorrow, a bright, green, happy tomorrow!

the eco action games team

BTW  We are trying to get ourselves onto the Last Leg, a Channel 4 topical comedy show on Friday night, if you want to see us featured simply tweet @TheLastLeg and add hashtag #IsItOK and then mention us and our TrumpDump campaign  – we will be very appreciative

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