On the 9th day of Christmas we want sustainable fashion

Guest blog by If you Want To as part of  our twelve days of Christmas campaign bringing you the very best the cleanweb has to offer.

Last year we explored the question: How can you shop for fashion sustainably?

Here are some of the solutions you can explore.

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Fashion is an industry fraught with environmental problems.

It is the second dirtiest industry after big oil. Cotton production consumes huge quantities of water and agriculture chemicals resulting in damage in soil ecology, water ecosytems and air pollution. The dyeing process results in chemicals being dumped into rivers and leather tanning is one of the most toxic process in the supply chain. And that is just the raw material. With fast fashion the shipping and short usage of most garments, means that most items end up in landfill and less than half of textiles that is thrown away in the UK is recycled. Not to mention, the ethical and social pressure that the industry is faced with.

There are numerous effort to make the change the fashion industry but cleanweb innovation in fashion is slow to come, and they are now starting to appear.

We now see online platforms that are being launched such as Mysource which will transform how collaboration is done in the fashion world to bring sustainability into action. Mysource is a product of Ethical Fashion Forum, they are the largest community of fashion makers who are working to fix the fashion supply chain. They have metrics to help measure sustainability of the supply chain and help independent designers generate more information on the production of their fashion items.

We know demand for transparency is a key driver of how society is changing and the fashion industry is no different. We see now see curated directory of sustainable fashion labels by Lissome with a strict standard of a value checklist to help consumers identify fashion brands that are sustainable.

Brothers We Stand is one of the only places we have seen that caters to the sustainable men’s fashion. They are telling the story of the environmental impact of each item they sell on their site and areas of improvement.

Not My Style is also launching an app to help people understand the difference in brands through ratings of sustainability and ethical indicators. They just completed a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Rent, Reuse and Repurpose

Rentez-Vous is a fashion online marketplace for people to rent out clothes, jewels, bags and accessories, thus extending the use of fashion items. From the renter’s perspective these platforms reduce the need to buy more and renters get access to a wider range of items and yet spending less.

Swishing are clothes swapping parties where people bring items of clothing that are still wearable but not been used for a while and exchange for some other item that is given away by someone else. Without a place online to coordinate such events, these activities are slow to grow into movements. We see similar parties happening with different groups as awareness increases.

One of the best examples we have seen is Dutch company Mud Jeans which is doing jeans-as-a-service. They provide a leasing service for jeans and will recycle the jeans once you are ready for a change, thus closing the circular economy loop and as a the manufacturer of they are incentivised to make jeans of high quality that lasts.

Another company is Van Hulley which is a providing a service for people to turns their old clothes into boxer shorts, repurposing garments in this way add more usage to what we already own.

So, what do you think of the digital innovation happening in fashion? What types of other innovation have you seen in this space?

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