Change the future – change education

Education is the foundation for how any society evolves into the future – how do we align this important system to our emergent societal needs and aspirations?

Over the past few years many of you have read 6heads articles and attended LBS events on a new education model from TSiBA University, in South Africa. The transformative approach to education that TSiBA adopts is a holistic mode of education that cares, that inspires and that brings the best out in each individual.

“What is required is a shift in the way we think of the purpose of education and those who are doing the educating: from students as numbers being educated to find jobs to people in a supported learning community finding their purpose.”

On 19th June TSiBA University will be participating in an event in Oxford to explore a fresh approach to education and the following three days, 20-22 June, Pearl Pugin Dean of TSiBA University, will be in London.

We’d like to invite you to join us in Oxford on 19th to be inspired by this remarkable approach to education.

Here are the details to register, should you wish to attend.

We’d like to connect TSiBA to organisations during Pearls visit to London on 20-22 June. 

Please email Peter Kraan, if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Meet Pearl for a coffee to hear more about the TSiBA education model;
  • Learn more about a programme for executives to attend a learning journey on the campus, supported by SAP and other large global organisations ;
  • Hear about opportunities for students to do an exchange;
  • Introduce Pearl to individuals or organisations who might be interested in TSiBA University;
  • Host a drinks evening at your home, place of work, University or local pub for people to meet Pearl;
  • Sponsor a student’s tuition for a year for only £3200 per student; and
  • Suggest anything else Pearl could do for TSiBA University and its students during her time in the UK.

1121.Nelson-Mandela-education-quoteMore information on Tsiba

TSiBA (which means ‘to jump’ in isiXhosa) provides scholarships to pursue world class education to deserving people throughout Africa. Its innovative approaches include partnering (a big 5 firm lecturing the accounting curriculum for free) and Pay it Forward (graduates returning as lecturers and mentors) and its whole person approach develops dynamic, emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs and social change agents. Professor Otto Scharmer of MIT observed, “TSiBA is a living example of a new breed of business schools.”

Students are immersed into a community that practices this new way of being. Self Development and Leadership are hard-wired into the curriculum of any degree. We’ve honed a process called a Portfolio of Leadership and Learning, where students report back to a panel of peers and their mentors, as well as academic staff, on their growth in the past six months and they also self-assess themselves.

We have only been graduating students for 5 years and already we have 5 Mandela Rhodes scholars, the highest accolade for post-graduate students throughout Africa. People regularly come back to us and tell us that our students are “different” somehow; that there is something “special” about them.

In a rapidly changing world that requires each of us to bring all of ourselves to the problems that face us and generations to come, we cannot afford not to set out on this transformative journey.

Our aim is to provide excellent business education for people with a social conscience who have the desire and the skills to build our nation.

A 6heads series: If education is the foundation for how our society evolves into the future – then how do we align this important system to our emergent societal needs?





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