Can social enterprise bridge the inequality gap?

Rosanda McGrath is a dear friend of 6heads. She inspires us with her commitment to young people; to develop their confidence, extend their opportunities and shift the communities in which they live, through supporting place-based social enterprise. Together with other grass-roots change-makers she invites you to a very special evening in South London on 5th September.


Please join us for an evening to explore a shared future, that bridges the inequality gap through social enterprise, in London communities.

The intention is to raise awareness of grass-root entrepreneurs changing their communities from within by listening to stories of people who’ve turned their lives around, and now lead organisations working to transform their communities.

We’ll hear from leaders at Regenerate, High Trees Community Development Trust, STORM Empowerment & The Sound Lounge working in Roehampton, Wandsworth, Tulse Hill & Tooting

We’ll discuss ‘How can social enterprise bridge the inequality gap?’

Taking a small next step together exploring local economy, we’re seeking to ignite relationships and generate new leads for a more equitable future. A common challenge when leading social change is working across difference. This event is seeking to connect people from diverse walks of life who care about bridging the social divide. Working together, listening and adapting our ways, we can inspire change within ourselves, our organisations and communities.

Please, join us at the Sound Lounge, Tooting on 5th September at 6.30 pm and bring an open mind and curiosity to learn:

How we change ourselves? 

What small actions do we take every day to support local enterprise?

Here’s a link to the Eventbrite invitation

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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