Book your ticket to 6 years of 6 heads celebration: #Unlocktheimpossible

As a fellow change-maker, someone of whom it has been said “Can do at least 6 impossible things before breakfast” (Sorry Alice in Wonderland…) – we would love YOU to join us for a 6 Years of 6 Heads celebration and an exploration into:

Unlock the Impossible: “Can collaboration and community mainstream change?” alice

Monday 20th November from 6.30 – 9.00 pm – an exploration, inspiration and celebration.

We are expecting about 150 wonderful people to come together to hear from; and engage with each other – and great speakers including John Elkington (Volans), Tom Burke (E3G) and Tessa Tennant (Green Investment Bank). To test and explore possibility with Carmel McQuaid (M&S) and Andrew Pidden (HSBC), Mike Tennant (Imperial College) and Alice Garton (Client Earth). To hear from entrepreneurs that are shifting the everyday. And to action change, together.

 TICKETS ARE LIMITED! You can REGISTER HERE for early bird tickets:

Please share this invitation with your networks – everyone is welcome for the celebration.

We will be running a series of blogs on the theme of #unlock the impossible. Please get in touch if you have content you would like to share. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved, sponsor us, donate in kind or do a pop-up on your immensely inspiring business.

We are found on or directly to

We are a not for profit, run by kind volunteers and inspired changemakers.






Help us to #unlocktheimpossible


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