Unlock the Impossible – Event programme





Unlock the Impossible: How to mainstream change through community and collaboration?

6 years of 6heads – A Celebration, an inspiration, an exploration

“Why sometimes I think of at least six impossible things before breakfast..”

Lewis Carroll, Alice and Wonderland

Programme of events – 20th November 2017


Showcase, creativity and innovation – from 6pm

Food by    

Book club


Unlocking the impossible in the Auditorium from 6.30

Welcome from our Sponsor Freshfields – Oliver Dudok van Heel, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

The 6heads story, where we began to who we are today


Unlocking the Impossible, in conversation with Tom Burke and John Elkington

Tom Burke is the Chairman of E3G, Third Generation Environmentalism, and an Environmental Policy Adviser (part time) to Rio Tinto plc. He is a Visiting Professor at both Imperial and University Colleges, London. He is a member of the External Review Committee of Shell and the Sustainable Sourcing Advisory Board of Unilever and a Trustee of the Black-E Community Arts Project, Liverpool.


John Elkington is a writer, thought-leader and business strategist, a serial entrepreneur and, at heart, an environmentalist. He is Chairman and Chief Pollinator at Volans, a certified B Corporation driving market-based solutions to the future’s greatest challenges.



How to mainstream change through retail, finance, education and accountability? Unlocked by…

  1. Retail

In this pillar we will be uncovering the new thinking and doing in food and retail that is transforming our behaviour and habits as business and consumers.

Carmel McQuaid is Head of Sustainable Business at Marks and Spencer. Her primary role is working with colleagues across the business as M&S transforms to a much more sustainable business. She leads policy and innovation work. A particular focus is working with NGO, university and industry partnerships to drive mass market sustainability in product supply chains.

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  1. Finance

In this pillar we are looking at/hearing from people taking new approaches to creating and mainstreaming change to transform the current models in finance and funding that no longer work.

Andrew Pidden is the Head of Sustainable Investments, Deutsche Bank/Asset Management. Prior to rejoining Deutsche Bank, Andrew served as Co-Head of the CRA Private Equity Fund and CRA Public Funds at CLSA Capital Partners.  Previously he set up various Clean Tech Companies, including Positive Energy Architecture Pty Ltd, and the Sustainable Business Company Pty Ltd. Earlier, he was Managing Director and Head of the Asian Equity Derivatives Group at Deutsche Bank.


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  1. Education

Future generations and shaping minds is crucial to creating the change our world needs to happen.  In this pillar we will uncover how new approaches to education are establishing new foundations, equipping us with the skills and support we need to navigate change.

Mike Tennant is the Director of the MSc Environmental Technology at Imperial College London. Mike’s main interest is in systems thinking, complexity and innovation in the context of business sustainability. He believes that “true sustainability” can only be achieved by understanding the complete environmental and social contexts in which a business operates and designing interventions informed by those contexts. Mike is particularly interested in using and developing creativity and systems tools to design disruptive and innovative products, services and policies that meet environmental and social needs.

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  1. Accountability

How can we make business and people more accountable for playing a part in creating a world where people and the planet can flourish? In this pillar we are looking at/hearing from people taking new approaches to law and accountability in order to create a more sustainable and social world.

Alice Garton joined ClientEarth in April 2015 as the Company and Financial Project Leader. Prior to joining ClientEarth, she worked as a litigation lawyer at Olswang (in London) and Clayton Utz (in Australia), and as a company lawyer at Brookfield Multiplex, where she managed the complex Wembley Stadium dispute



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Round up: How we can Unlock the Impossible, together?


Curated by the 6heads team – find out more about us here: https://6-heads.com/about/

For more details on the pop-ups visit our website


With thanks to:

Freshfields – our headline sponsor

Imperial College London

Our volunteers

Grant Thornton






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