Join the January Challenge 2018 with 64 Million Artists

Looking for a fresh start in 2018? Want to shake out some cobwebs and try something new? Want to meet some new people and learn a bit more about yourself? Come and join 64 Million Artists in the January Challenge – a fun, free 31 day programme that will help you get a little bit more creative in approaching your year.

TheJanuaryChallenge - Logo (PNG)

This is the 4th year of 64 Million Artists’ January Challenge and this year is set to be bigger than ever! The idea is simple. Each day in January they’ll send you a short creative challenge to do. It will only take 5 or 10 minutes to complete, it’s free and any materials you need should be easy to find (a pen, paper, random junk in your recycling bin, a sense of humour etc). The challenge might be writing a poem or drawing a picture, or it might be thinking your way around a problem or going on a mini-adventure. You never know what to expect!

This year 64 Million Artists are crowdsourcing the challenges from your suggestions so send them into or tweet @64M_Artists 

When you get your challenge what we’d like you to do is: 

  • Do the challenge
  • Think about what it was like
  • Share that with others either on social media or in real life

This year the theme is Pass It On. 64 Million Artists had loads of dedicated challengers over the years and think that if everyone taking part got one new person involved we could have everyone across the country getting creative in no time. They’ve created a whole bunch of tools so that you can invite others to join you.  

Sign up here:


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