Embracing Natural Resilience – Expanding Leadership Capacity for A New Normal

A guest blog by Giles Hutchins

A new leadership normal is emerging.

Today’s leaders are facing an unprecedented level and pace of change, with many of the business challenges we face being quite different in their systemic nature from those before. As hot-off-the-press leadership research indicates, our traditional methods and modes of organisational learning and leadership development are inadequate for the business environment we now face.

A new way of learning, adapting and evolving as leaders and organisations is now demanded by our business context.

‘In order to do well in the emerging new business environments, organisations and their leaders have to develop a new cognitive capability, a new learning capacity for sensing, embodying and enacting emerging futures.’ – Peter Senge, et al

Agile Leadership, Systemic Capacity, Systems Thinking, Complexity Thinking, Eco-Intelligence, Regenerative Leadership, call it what you will – leaders able to master this new cognitive ability are the leaders that will be fit for the emerging future.

Thought leaders and practitioners Christopher Cooke and Giles Hutchins pool their decades of leadership and organisational development experience, ground-breaking insights and practical tools for a special two-day deep-dive leadership immersion to equip leaders to embrace this new leadership normal.

This new normal is revealing itself through multi-dimensional change-upon-change blended with systemic ‘wicked problems’. It requires the cultivation of ‘systemic perception’ and holistic sense-making amid diverse views, rich interdependent partner eco-systems, unfolding emergence and fast-paced turbulence. This invites an expansion of awareness within us; a shift that enlivens a latent systemic capacity within us.

 ‘I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.’ Oliver Wendell Holmes

To recognise this places us at the edge of the current discourse; the edge of leadership and organisational development; most of all – the edge of ourselves and our social systems.   It invites us to cross thresholds, within ourselves, our systems and our civilisation.

This two-day, nature-led experience, guides us on a journey into a deeper appreciation of the language of life, the logic of living-systems, and the wisdom of nature. It is a deep dive into the flows, patterns and principles of living-systems, to enable us to grow into the change that has already happened. We will be working with a rich blend of impressions, insights and wisdom – the woods and fields our classroom.

‘Perception is intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural, and relational. Making sense is sensorial. Increasing sensitivity is necessary to find new ways through old patterns.’  Nora Bateson

 To join an intimate yet diverse group of leaders exploring the edges of the new please email giles@ffla.co

This immersion takes place in the heart of the Cotswolds in a seclude valley, 5mins cab ride from Stroud mainline station. It includes an overnight solo in the woods.

Facilitators: Christopher Cooke & Giles Hutchins

24th & 25th September, in the heart of the Cotswolds

includes all refreshments, camping equipment, and meals

‘A mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions.’ Oliver Wendell Holmes

We will learn about regenerative leadership while in the woods together, we shall apply advanced adult developmental psychology and human emergence techniques while out in the field together, we shall eat and share living insights about leadership round the fire together, yet sleep in solo with spacious peace, tranquillity, safety and humility.

Giles Hutchins is Chair of The Future Fit Leadership Academy, co-founder of Regenerators, senior adviser to forward-thinking organisations, and specialist on Regenerative Business.

Christopher Cooke is co-founder of 5Deep, originator of The Human Emergence framework, and specialist on Spiral Dynamics, Tier 2 Consciousness and Integral Psychology.

‘Look deep deep deep into nature and you will understand everything better.’ Albert Einstein



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