We need dreamers, doers and poets – from Mac Mcartney

Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney is the founder of Embercombe, a social enterprise that seeks to “inspire committed action for a truly sustainable world”. He leads Embercombe’s work with business organisations, and contributes to a number of business external advisory panels. All of Mac’s work is focused at exploring relationship, belonging, and responsibility. For twenty years he was mentored by a group of ‘metis’ Native Americans.

This prolonged and challenging training has profoundly influenced Mac’s worldview and continues to inform all aspects of his work with organisations, children, families, and youth.

Last September we were incredibly lucky to have Mac join our 7th birthday celebration for the London launch if his latest book the Childrens Fire. As with everything that Mac and Embercombe there was magic woven through the evening as we were transported with haunting music and poetry from Bethan, Tommy and Nigel to set the stage for Mac’s reading.

Embercombe has been something of a second home to 6heads and members of our community who share their goal of inspiring action and impact, with Mac guiding many of us on our journey.

If you, like us, share this goal, we highly recommend The Children’s Fire.

You can order your copy of the Children’s Fire here

The Children’s Fire forges a trail into Britain’s wild and ancient Celtic past. It locates the fragments of a story that still has resonance today; the pulse and surge of an older wisdom that cracks the mendacity of the shopping mall’s vacuous promise. It is a passionate evocation of a generous, inclusive, diverse and spiritually significant world – the world of our longing.

Recounting the lessons learned from his time with the ‘metis’ Native Americans, Eco-warrior Tim McCartney tells the dramatic story of his visit to the “Land of the Living Dead” after a seven day initiation ritual. He urges the audience to reconnect with life and the Earth, to speak out for what they love, and to be the “warrior of the open heart”. In order to do so Mac says, we need to hear the voices of trees and remember the messages of our ancestors. They alone can teach us community and connectedness, to be lovers of the Earth where we truly belong.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us in November here is Mac’s Ted talk – We need the dreamers, poets and doers

More about Mac and Embercombe

Personal website — extracts from talks: http://www.timmacmacartney.co.uk Embercombe website http://www.embercombe.co.uk



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