Spring invitations: Earth Hour candlelit storytelling dinner & Steps to Sustainability walk to Furnace Brook

Spring is emerging, so are we. 

And we have two invitations to join us in time old 6heads traditions this month. Join us to walk in nature, celebrate the Spring Equinox and Earth hour and connect with our community.

Hope to see you there

The heads!

Thursday 26th March –  6.00 – 10.00 p.m: Earth Hour dinner party with storytelling from the Shadow Travellers

Places round the table are limited  – for full details please register here

Candlelit dinner parties at Earth Hour are one of our favourite 6heads traditions. This year we are excited to have joined forces with The Shadow Travellers for the fifth time to bring you a magical evening.

The Shadow Travellers are an improvised story telling duo who weave magic into everything they do, creating dialogue and safe spaces, while transporting their audiences to new worlds.


We meet at Hammersmith at dusk before embarking on a riverside walk to our dinner destination with time to connect before sitting down to a delicious candlelit vegetarian feast. We will chop and cook together while the Shadow Travelers weave their magic with stories to transport and inspire as we turn the lights off and make a promise to the earth for the year ahead.

Stories are compasses and architecture, we navigate by them, we build our sanctuaries and our prisons out of them, and to be without a story is to be lost in the vastness of a world that spreads in all directions like arctic tundra or sea ice.”
 ― Rebecca Solnit,
earth hour

Sunday 29th March – 9 am to 6pm: Steps to Sustainability, escape London for a walk through Sussex countryside to Furnace Brook and an afternoon tour exploring rewilding, permaculture and community based climate action.

Steps to sustainability is a highlight of the 6heads calendar where we bring together likeminded change makers from our community to jump on a train and spend the day exploring the countryside and new ideas – not to mention some delicious food.

We are absolutely delighted to join up with Furnace Brook in Sussex for our Spring walk. We are going to meet at Charing Cross station and jump on a train to Battle in Sussex. From there we will meet the Furnace Brook team and walk through the local countryside until we arrive at Furnace Brook.


We will be hosted for the day by Alistair Gould

Alistair has worked with land and property over many years with experience in various industry sectors in the field of low carbon design, research and project co-ordination. Alongside Alistair’s qualifications as a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Environmentalist is his experience and passion in the field of Permaculture.

We will then be treated to a locally sourced lunch and a tour of this stunning area of outstanding beauty. Walking through the woods and lakes we will learn about the history of Furnace Brook and it’s plans for rewilding, permaculture and community arts and eco-engagement going forwards. Brimming with personality – this is going to be a truly fantastic day – we hope you can spend it with us.

At the end of the day there will be an opportunity to kick back with a beer from the Pearly Brewery onsite before getting a lift back to the station and home in time for bed.

To confirm your place we ask you to buy a ticket which will cover the cost of your train ticket and a locally sourced lunch. Register here.



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