Business as Unusual: Innovation and Sustainability Forum at Somerset House

Last night almost 200 people crammed into a room at Somerset House to discuss and share ideas on  “Business as Unusual”.

Thank you to all of our guests and supporters – the evening was a resounding success.

In particular, a big thank you to:

  • Our speakers – Mike Tennant, Carmel McQuaid, Tom Burke and John Elkington.
  • Our sponsors – Pepal ( and Freshminds (
  • Invited companies: Mindful Maps, Volans, Remakery, Perspectivity and Energise Barnet.
  • The Imperial College Volunteers (You are WONDERFUL)
  • Our guests – for their openness and extraordinary positivity

We look forward to more ‘6heading’ with all of you – please do contact us with your ideas for partnering, projects, training or research needs. We can be contacted on

Below you can see some pictures, tweets and the presentation slides from the event. More to follow soon!

View more photos of the graphic visualisation by Mindful Maps here.

Read more tweets here:
View the story “6heads – Innovation towards Business as Unusual: Twitter round up” on Storify]


2 responses to “Business as Unusual: Innovation and Sustainability Forum at Somerset House

  1. Excellent evening – many thanks to all 6 Heads, your speakers and your organising team for a great night and for producing a thought provoking paper.

    I stumbled across this TED Video today which spoke to some of the points that Tom and John commented on last night, particularly around the need for greater political engagement and through you might appreciate it too:

    Thanks again for an excellent evening and wishing you all the best in what follows ‘post-paper’

    Scott Stockwell (IBM)

  2. Thank you Scott, I’ll take a look. And thanks once again for your help with the thesis and your support last night. The 6heads will keep you posted about our next adventure…


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