28 Days of Inspiration – Day 3: A spring clean…

ecoverGood morning! Based on the fact that this daily blog is designed to bring an early spring, our third day introduces a brilliant range of products designed for spring cleaning – towards 2050…

Our theme for today is Vision. This company makes a sustainable future a fundamental part of its core business and is pioneering new methods to make it happen.


Tom Domen their Long Term Innovation Manager, says the company is shifting from selling product to providing a holistic “service for healthy living”. They plan to inspire systemic change through imagining and delivering on “the ultimate natural cleaning system”.

As part of this vision, Ecover is moving towards 100% biobased products and are pioneering use of biological feedstock and local ingredients. They are also running experiments, including one on the island of Mallorca called GLocal.  Here they’re trying to build a business model inspired by organic ecosystems. Their aim is to develop cleaning products that don’t damage the Mallorcin environment, that are derived from Mallorcin waste streams, and that are produced in partnership with Mallorcin people and businesses. Radical. Inspirational.

You can find out more here: http://bit.ly/1djqL9X

And here: http://uk.ecover.com/

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