28 Days of Inspiration – Day 4: The power of film

gaiaThe power of film

Film, as some of you know, is a passion for 6heads.  It brings faceless statistics to life and allows us to empathize, to see an issue or an idea through the eyes of another. It has the power to capture hearts and minds – to shock, inspire and challenge, to make us laugh, to start a debate. Film also gives us the ability to change the lens through which sustainability stories have traditionally been told – to move us from “fear” and a “burning platform” message to one of “solutions” and “positive aspiration” for the future. https://6-heads.com/film/

The Gaia Foundation – based on bringing the breakthrough Gaia theory to life, recently launched a very inspiring campaign:  http://www.gaiafoundation.org/wakeupcall/

Get involved?

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