Zep five technologies then relax

This post builds on a previous post about a fun way of tackling climate change. You can watch the 5min video here 

What if solving climate change could be fun? Well, the good news is that it can be. Here’s how.

To “zep” something is to swap it for an object with zero emissions at the point of use. To zep boilers, engines, furnaces, cookers and kilns will hit our emissions target for 2030. We should just replace these emitting objects and then relax.

As it stands, EU has committed to 40% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. However, CO2 makes up around 3/5 of the total, and around 85% of these come from just five types of object (listed above). If we “zep” these five technologies then we overshoot our target.

As a bonus, replacing emitting objects is a far more positive goal than trying to cut emissions. You can count the changes we need to make on just one of your hands. What’s more, we can even visualise what the replacement objects will look like and earn a profit by selling them before anyone else. The “zep it!” campaign makes our efforts more focussed and also more fun..

So let’s do it!

 Here are five ways the public can speed things up:

  1. Label the objects we need to replace. That way, they’ll be easier to find once a zero-emission alternative has been created. Potential types of labelling include a manual list, physically putting stickers on the objects or electronic GPS tagging. Encourage the makers of replacement objects to do this too – it’ll make their products easier to sell in future.
  2. Zep your gas-fired boiler. If you have one of these, look for an alternative like a heat pump or electric boiler, and if you live in a housing block explore options like shared heating too. Once you’re done, feel free to lobby your power company to zep their emitting objects too.
  3. Zep your gas-fired stove. If you have one of these, swap it for e.g. an electric stove or a microwave. Then lobby your power company too, but only if you want to.
  4. Zep any car engines or motorcycle engines that you own. In this case, borrowing someone else’s transport is also fine as a solution – you’re only responsible for the emitting objects that you own.
  5. Get your friends together and create quirky competitions to see how many objects you can zep and quickly you can make the swap. Make it fun!

Send progress updates or more ideas for achieving this to info@6-heads.com. Build momentum!


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