“The chance to put your hand up and then get it dirty”

This was said by a participant in last nights co-creation session when reflecting on “What delights them about 6heads”.  
We are inspired and excited by the ideas and commitment from those that attended the session on “How do we change the world together?” Ideas ranged from a series of sustainable dinner parties, to a revolution hackathon to an inquiry into personal effectiveness. 
We are throwing the doors of 6heads open and welcoming new members to develop the organisation and events calendar.
We’d still love the opportunity to have you as a Head for 2015 (and beyond).
The next meeting is on 11 February.  This is for anyone who wants to run an event/activity within the next 6 months and those who want to take an active role on the steering committee of 6heads.
Hope to see you!
Below are some other participant comments in answer to the question “What delights you about 6heads”
Best wishes for an inspired and connected day,
The Heads
“A positive energy where everyone cares”
“Playful and experimental”
“Great networking that doesn’t feel like networking”

“An opportunity to learn things about myself”
“I feel safe to share and be generous with my thinking. When I give help I know I will receive it too”
“You’ve got a great attitude – it’s fun, and if its fun we’ll keep doing it – it makes it sustainable”
“It gives me the time, energy and space to think differently”
“Brings sustainability to life”
“There is no bull-shit”
“The closest thing to a sacred space I have”
“An opportunity to explore the connection between people”
“The calendar always excites me – it’s always something I want to do”

2 responses to ““The chance to put your hand up and then get it dirty”

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