The Poetry of Change

The Poetry of Change

This week we were blown away by our first session of 2015 where we explored the question “How do we change the world together in 2015”.  You can read more about what happened in our post “The Chance to Put Your Hand Up and Then Get it Dirty”, but let’s just say we are very excited for the year to come.

In the midst of a lot of energy, a million and one ideas and a very short space of time we were lucky enough to be stopped in our tracks when Olivia Sprinkel stood up to share her poem “The Poetry of Change”. A moment of calm I am very grateful to have fallen back into as I re-read her words this morning. I hope you enjoy and agree with us, poetry will be one way we can change the world together in 2015  and we look forward to discovering how.

6heads treepoeryofchange

 The Poetry of Change

The corporate world is shaped by words of grey,
Words which hold the world arm’s length-away.
And when we use those words, what we find,
Is they perpetuate the same state of mind.

As change-makers all we need to rise up and rebel,
Use words which make people’s hearts swell.
Write in a way as if the world was actually real,
Something we can see, smell, touch, taste, feel.

Because we all know how easy it is to hide
Behind the jargon and lingo that boxes us up inside,
That ignores what’s going on in the world out there,
When we need to meet it with unblinking stare.

So let’s, change-makers, come together for an hour or two,
Paint the landscape vermillion, ochre and sea-deep blue.
Let’s play with connecting to our own true voice,
Creating a better world through words of choice.

Olivia Sprinkel

6headsolivia sprinkel

For all you lovers or poetry and nature please save the 20th June for our next Steps Towards Sustainability. Once more we will be escaping London city life with James Payne leading us on an adventure through beautiful countryside before stopping for a delicious pub lunch where Olivia will take us on an exploration through the Poetry of Change. More details to come nearer the time.

If you have a poem, piece of writing, song or anything you have written, drawn or created that inspires you and others to change that you would like to share with our community then we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with Louisa at

Have a wonderful weekend… we are still holding out for building a snowman.

The heads


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