Poetry to inspire change series: II – Oh Man by Edwin Mars

Poetry to inspire change series:

II – Oh Man by Edwin Mars

After a weekend of examining nature, man and madness amongst many other things at the UCL Centre for Anthropology of Sustainability I feel slightly discombobulated – in a good way. While procrastinating on pulling together my thoughts into a coherent blog I was reminded of this sonnet; Oh Man by Edwin Mars, which I wanted to share with you.


Oh Man

The tiger, walking on the world, declared:

Oh man, you are so many miles behind.

The eagle, in the air, said that he shared

This point of view and added: Man, you’re blind –

I wonder if you’ll ever learn to see.

The whale gave a monumental sigh,

Which signified he could not but agree,

And blew a question mark against the sky.

Read: Why, oh why, oh man, do you not hear?

This whale music will not be surpassed.

Our art, say cat and eagle, has no peer.

From shark to flea, oh man, you are outclassed.

Yet you think, because you know the letter,

That your hooligan species is better.

Edwin Mars



For all you lovers or poetry and nature please save the 20th June for our next Steps Towards Sustainability. Once more we will be escaping London city life with James Payne leading us on an adventure through beautiful countryside before stopping for a delicious pub lunch where Olivia Sprinkel will take us on an exploration through the Poetry of Change. More details to come nearer the time.

I – Poetry of Change by Olivia Sprinkel

If you have a poem, piece of writing, song or anything you have written, drawn or created that inspires you and others to change that you would like to share with our community then we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with Louisa at louisa.harris@6-heads.com

Happy pancake day for tomorrow!

The heads


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