Help in navigating uncharted terrain

Giles Hutchins is a much admired friend of 6heads. He shows courageous leadership in setting out challenging and pioneering ideas about a world that is in balance with itself and nature. He is author of two books the nature of business and the illusion of separation. Giles explores the root causes of our current economic, political and environmental crises, and puts forward ways to rectify these causes, at source.

Much of this emerging space is new and untraveled and, like all uncharted territory, anyone who sets out ideas in it could get it wrong (and potentially eaten by lions).  It takes extraordinary courage to try to set out navigation beacons.

If you are a curious pioneer skirting the edges of new territories or walking bravely into new possible worlds, please do consider attending Giles workshop on 1st July at Ashridge. For £200 for the day you can meet like minded people and work with Giles. For more information, please click here: Accessing the mind of nature. You will:

  • Discuss the profound shifts afoot in business and beyond and explore how these relate to our ways of leading and living in volatile times.
  • Assist leaders, managers and change agents in catalysing and sustaining transformation.
  • Experience and embody the Mind of Nature, enabling us to be more effective in transforming our organisations.
  • Explore ways of applying this deeper awareness to our sense of purpose, organisational culture and ways of working.
  • Undertake transformational practices that can form part of our daily lives, including post-workshop content and network.

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