Take your kids on a Philosophical Journey to the Beginning of the World with Rapscallion Press

beginning of the world Rapscallion

There is a lot of talk about how children are the future, but less concrete goals about how we teach them to think about the world around them.

They are natural philosophers, always asking why. The trouble is that grownups sometimes don’t  know how to start to help them with the biggest and most challenging questions; things like how the world was made, to why things aren’t fair, or even how to build a better more sustainable world.

Meet the wonderful Rapscallion press team and their “BIG Questions’ series for children: Journey to the Beginning of the World. Please help support this brilliant project either by requesting a free book and learning pack for your kids school, re-posting this blog or supporting their crowd-funder.

At Rapscallion Press we create books that help children, and adults, think about the world in different ways: whether that is about sustainability, history and even philosophy. We are about to go to print with the first in our ‘BIG Questions’ series for children: Journey to the Beginning of the World. It’s a richly illustrated, 48 page large -format hardback, with beautiful contributions by 5 talented artists.


Why this book?

It looks like a wonderful venture, and your pulling together of these atavistic threads through so many different cultures is a remarkable achievement…the overall impression is truly inspiring.  It deserves the widest audience.” (James Kidner, Founder of Coexist https://www.coexist.org/)

This book is the key to opening a child’s mind.  It made us think about how the world was made and showed us that there are lots of different beliefs and stories.” (Ejay, 11, from Gallions Schoolhttp://www.gallions.newham.sch.uk/)

“I particularly like the way it looks at the question from the perspective not only of the main religions but also as a scientific issue…..Using it in a classroom or assembly would generate discussion about cultural differences which form an important part of our teaching and the girls’ learning of tolerance and acceptance of the views of others.” (Caroline Gerstein, Head of the First School, North London Collegiate Schoohttp://www.nlcs.org.uk/)

Why are we giving it away free?

We believe that the tolerance message is URGENT and children are the obvious people to start with. We want to show that challenging content can be accessible and enjoyable to all children. We believe that by helping children learn to think differently about the world around them, we can inspire the next generation of inventors, creatives, thinkers and doers.

So how can you help?

–  Order one (or many for use as gifts!) limited special first edition(s) of the book at  www.rapscallionpress.com/support-us/

–  Make a donation, just click here : SUPPORT

– Tell your friends, send this on, post it on Facebook or LinkedIn, Blog or Tweet, or whatever you do

– Have you any useful contacts you can put us in touch with?  Schools, businesses with Corporate Social Responsibility budgets, charitable foundations interested in partnering or developing our own charitable foundation with us http://www.learn2think.org.uk

6Heads and Learn to think will be co-hosting a Philosophy & Sustainability for Kids later in the year. If you are interested in joining our workshop or have a venue that we could use then please email louisa.harris@6-heads.com

Thank you!


Any questions? Get in touch at contact@rapscallionpress.com or check our FAQs


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