Poetry to Inspire Change Series – V: I sit on the porch by Will Evans

I wrote this post sitting on the porch of my room in Belize looking out at the water and the waves against the shore.

The next poem in our poetry to inspire change series is by a dear friend of mine, Will Evans, who was a mathematician, a philosopher, a poet, a lover of nature and a beautiful soul who will be dearly missed  by everyone who knew him.

Thank you Will, for teaching me to trust in myself.


I sit on the Porch

I sit on the porch and survey from afar,

The waters are calm under the eyes of stars,

Nothing to report on this still winter dawn,

Just some gentle waves lap at the shore,

Yet I’s almost consumed in last night’s storm,

That raged and raged all night before dawn,

Aye, I did my worst and I almost set sail

On a fishing boat into the teeth of that gale.

The storm would destroy me if I’d have set sail,

On a fishing boat into the teeth of that gale.

One certainly can’t expect to prevail,

On a fishing boat in the teeth of that gale.

The storm would consume me and all those who seek,

To conquer the storm on such a mighty ship,

No, for one to prevail on a night such as this,

If you must cling to something, cling to a stick.

So long as it floats you surely wont sink,

Just keep paddling hard and cling to that stick.

So when you set off into the teeth of that gale,

Trust in yourself and you will prevail.

Will Evans

6heads treepoeryofchange

If you are also a lover of poetry and nature then please join us for a day exploring beautiful countryside through forests and along the south coast of Eastbourne with like-minded sustainability practitioners. Enjoy some delicious local food at the lunchtime pub, while hearing from a thought-provoking speaker. The first Steps to Sustainability of this year is on Saturday June 20th with James Payne & Olivia Sprinkel on Poetry of Change.

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Poetry to inspire change series.

I – Poetry of Change by Olivia Sprinkel

II – Oh Man by Edwin Mars

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IV – Three lethal imperfections by David Fell

If you have a poem, piece of writing, song or anything you have written, drawn or created that inspires you and others to change that you would like us to include in this series then we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with Louisa at louisa.harris@6-heads.com


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