Your invitation to ‘This Changes Everything’: film screening and Ecocide talk…

End Ecocide is organising a film screening of This Changes Everything on September 14th, followed by a short talk and Q&A on Ecocide, to which you are kindly invited.

This Changes Everything is a film by Canadian author Naomi Klein based on her book about the challenge of tackling climate change within our current economic system. She argues in favour of organising a mass movement for climate action bringing together different groups to fight for big changes in our economic system and resolve the conflict between the reigning neoliberal ideology and the need for concerted action and regulation to tackle climate change, developing visions how a better system could be created and inspiring hope.

End Ecocide on Earth is a global citizens’ movement aimed at recognising the large-scale destruction or damage of ecosystems as an international crime against peace, called Ecocide. End Ecocide proposes that both, individuals in position of superior responsibility, as well as corporations be held accountable for the damage they cause.

After the film, we’ll shortly explain how ecocide fits into This Changes Everything’s framework, followed by Q&A.

Take a peek at the official trailer:

Registrations via Eventbrite: Tickets are £7/£9, depending on ability to pay. The screening will take place in Central London.

There is also a Facebook event to which you can invite your friends:

We hope to welcome you on September 14th.



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