Work, holiday and shopping: a Sustainability walking debate around Camden

*** A special tour by Hackney Tours for 6heads ***

One year on from our East London Innovators walking tour of Hackney we are excited to be teaming up with Hackney Tours once more on Wednesday the 26th October for:

“Work, holiday and shopping: a Sustainability walking debate around Camden

What do you think of when you think of Camden? Teenagers from all over the world pressing into its hugely popular market? The birth of Punk and Britpop? Or key transport infrastructure and Dickensian working conditions? London has changed phenomenally in 200 years. How might it change again and how might we shape that?

What do you think of when you think of tourism? Holidays and airplanes? Or accelerated consumption by jaded workers resulting in carbon growth? Are binary concepts like work and holidays outdated concepts and what could this mean for work in future cities? Is it time to move on from consumptive tourism to a newer creative model?

Camden has reinvented itself several times and continues to do so. Using the backdrop of several locations that have dramatically changed use at this key London tourist attraction, we’ll ask questions about:

a)  the changing nature of work and where it goes from here

b)  the existing model of work versus holiday and whether it might/should evolve

c)   the link between work, travel and consumerism



When: Wednesday 26th October, 6pm

Where: The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

We will meet at 6 pm at Camden pub stalwart The Enterprise (just by Chalk Farm) and start walking at 6.30 pm sharp to finish in another pub near Camden Road Overground (just 5 mins walk to Camden Town tube).

Dress warm, we’ll be picking your brains and generating some ideas on the streets of Camden.

Simon Cole runs Hackney Tours and works as part of a community youth tourism project in Camden. A tour guide for 11 years on 4 continents and a keen festival goer, he’s exploring the implications of these activities on the environment and their connection with existing economic systems – and what human needs they address. Everyday holiday? Everyday festival? Is it practical? Is it desirable? The answers will only come from conversations, so join us for a generative walking debate.”

6-heads is an experiment in shared learning. It is a collective dedicated to championing innovation towards sustainability. It has evolved into a community of brilliant minds who come together to share ideas, experiment, co-create and most importantly to have fun. We are a platform for collaboration, please email if you would like to join us.




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