When it’s cold outside we want clean energy and efficient homes for Christmas

This is the last and final blog in our 12 days of Christmas collaboration with If You Want To? An exploration in curating digital sustainability solutions. Thank you for joining us on this journey – even if it did take us a little longer than 12 days. In fact this is just the start. We will be hosting an event with If You Want To in the new year open to everyone who is willing to trial one of the digital solutions featured and share their experience with us.

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Guest blog by If you Want To?

Clean energy and home efficiency

As we decarbonise our energy system, deploying more renewables and become more energy efficient, more innovation is becoming available this is catalysed by digital technology.

First, we look are some tools that can help us track progress.

Sandbag App helps people track the 3 key metrics i.e UK CO2 intensity of the grid, the current cost of carbon on the EU Emissions Trading System and the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

The Renewable Energy Locator by Green Alliance helps us understand in the UK how much renewable energy capacity and generation is available by region, county and local authority.

ElectricityMap by Tmrow.co has produced an interactive visualisation to show live CO2 emissions for the European electricity production. It shows where electricity comes from and how much CO2 was emitted to produce it, including the imports and exports of each county.

Accelerating Solar

We have looked into the crowdfunding market of solar projects in a previous post.

There are innovative use of apps such as Lookup created by 10:10 to empower people to get involve in the energy transition by helping people identify empty roof space where solar panels can be installed.

Mapdwell takes mapping to the next level by helping communities reveal the potential of solar energy generation using very detailed visualisation tools.

In the UK, we see more 100% renewable energy suppliers such as Octopus EnergyTonik Energy and Bulb.

Smart Homes

Buildings account for almost 40% of the global carbon emissions. As the utility and home efficiency market is rapidly growing here are some examples of the services that is shaping this space.

Crownstone is a smart plug with sensors that can dim the light automatically based on proximity. Tado and RadBot are smart thermostats that heats up the home and turns it off automatically when you are not in the room.

HomeTree has streamlined the energy-saving product installation process, where they have take the best of ecommerce practices and help homeowners access the best local installer, renewable energy products and complete with payment and financing options. This will help organise a highly heterogenous marketplace move forward and help customers as comparability will help driven down price.

WhichLEDLight is a place to guides you through the purchasing process of crowded LED lightings marketplace.

Loop Energy Saver and Smappee are examples of home energy monitoring devices and apps that helps you understand your energy, gas and solar generation.

We also see new home energy storage companies such as Tesla PowerwallPowervaultMoixa and Sonnenbatterie

Decentralised Energy Market

Open Utility is leading the way in decentralising the UK energy market by creating a platform that allows renewable energy generators to sell their energy to their next door neighbours. This is the true power of the cleanweb as the energy sector begins the process of disintermediation.

Other companies to note are Vandebron and Dajie. In Brooklyn New York, TransActiveGrid has created the first Blockchain enabled energy microgrid system to allow neighbours to trade and meter solar energy transactions with a similar idea called EcoCoin being conceived at a recent energy hackathon.

So, what do you think of the digitisation of the energy market?

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