Five awesome ideas for what to do with your Christmas leftovers

Guest blog by Insinkerator

The Christmas period is time that many look forward to, and for good reason; catching up with family and friends, giving loved ones gifts, and of course the bountiful amounts of food! Though after the last drinks are poured and mince pies eaten, a huge amount of waste is created is left to deal with.

The Christmas dinner is one of the biggest offenders for waste. One of the reasons why the dinner is known to keep households fed up until New Year’s celebrations! Shockingly, a recent study from Insinkerator found that 12% of household will simply throw away excess food from their Christmas dinner. To combat this, the company produced an ‘Awesome Christmas Dinner Leftover recipes’ guide to show what households could be doing with their leftover food.

The quantities listed are for the respective number of servings, meaning that they can be adjusted as needed. With these in mind, you shouldn’t even need to hit up a supermarket before New Year’s, and can enjoy the festive period indoors where it’s nice and warm.

5 Awesome Christmas Dinner Leftover Recipe Ideas
Infographic Source: InSinkErator


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